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“Being Blessed Is Not All About Having Money Alone” – Nollywood Actress, Christabel Egbenya Says


Christabel Egbenya is well known to tell it just exactly how it is and she uses social media to inspire others. The popular Nollywood actress stated clearly in a recent post shared on her Instagram page that being blessed is not all about having money.

Sadly, a lot of people have attributed success stories to being blessed with money. There are other ways that are even more transparent to use to determine someone’s blessings.

Hence, the movie star thinks “having the right people around you” is of great importance. She wrote:

“Being Blessed is not all about having money Alone,it’s all about having the right people around you, thank you lord for the love peace and joy, happiness you gave to me.”

If You Cheat On Your Partner And Get Pregnant, Be Honest And Tell HimHe May Accept The Child – Christabel Egbenya



There are not many people who engage in extramarital affairs and tell their partner. There is every chance that such a relationship will come to an end and the lady would be shamed.

In an interview with Saturday Beats (Punchng), Christabel Egbenya said it is advisable to tell the man. Not done, the thespian even added that the spouse who was cheated on may even accept the child.


She said;

“Advising women to always be honest in their relationships, Egbenya said, “If you did something (extramarital affair) outside and got pregnant, and you feel you need to open up to your husband, go ahead and talk to him.


“There are some men that might be comfortable with such situation, and won’t mind the woman keeping the child. It is wrong to hide such information from one’s partner.”


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